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Important Graduation Notice

2018 Graduation will be on May 19, 2018. The department ceremony will be in Old Cabell Hall at 3:00pm. Due to the size of the venue, and the number of graduates, students will be allotted 3 guest tickets for the ceremony.

Wyatt Andrews is featured in Virginia Magazine. Read the article here.

Siva Vaidhyanathan has a featured opinion in the New York Times: "Why the Nazis Came to Charlottesville"

Welcome Elizabeth Ellcessor to our faculty in the Fall of 2017

Elizabeth Ellcessor conducts research on access to digital media technologies and cultures, particularly with respect to disability and bodily difference. She is the author of Restricted Access: Media, Disability, and the Politics of Partiipation (NYU, 2016) and co-editor of Disability Media Studies (NYU, 2017). Her current work explores how digital technologies are changing the conditions of access and civic engagement for emergency media services such as 9-1-1. She was previously an assistant professor at Indiana University, where she taught classes on media industries, social media celebrity, and media convergence. Outside of the classroom, she is a devourer of mystery novels and true crime podcasts.

Professor Ellcessor will be teaching MDST 3701 New Media Culture - A survey of issues in the study of new media and of new media artifacts. Objects studied may include films with digital special effects, digital animation, digital video, video games, digital art, internet art, and others. Theories of new media, media art, and media change. Taught primarily via discussion with some lectures. Short papers, class participation, final project.  Prerequisite: one course in Media Studies, English, Art History, or a related discipline. This course will count as a 3000 level elective toward the Media Studies major.  Please check SIS for enrollment.

We will welcome Meredith Clark to our faculty in the Fall of 2017

Dr. Meredith D. Clark (@meredithclark) is a former newspaper journalist whose research focuses on the intersections of race, media, and power. Her award-winning dissertation on Black Twitter landed her on The Root 100, the news website's list of the most influential African Americans in the country, in 2015. She's a regular contributor to Poynter.org's diversity column, and her research has been published in Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, the Journal of Social Media in Society, and New Media & Society. Dr. Clark is a graduate of Florida A&M University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and comes to UVA from the University of North Texas, where she spent three years as a tenure-track assistant professor of digital and print news. She's a pet mom to two tabby cats, Gabe and Spencer, and a devoted "Grey's Anatomy" fan.

In the fall of 2017, she will be teaching a new course, MDST 3559 Reading Black Digital Culture: Using a mix of scholarly and popular-press readings and an examination of digital artifacts, this course takes a critical, intersectional approach to analyzing the creations and contributions of Black digital culture from the mid-90s to the present. Covering topics including the early Black blogosphere; the creation of niche content sites like BlackPlanet.com; the emergence of Black Twitter; the circulation of memes, and the use second-screening. This course will satisfy the Diversity and Identity requirement for majors. Please check SIS for enrollment.


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Welcome Class of 2019 to Media Studies. Please note that you must complete the declaration by April 28, 2017 or re-apply next year.


Siva Vaidhyanathan discusses privacy and policy in this recently published article for Bloomberg.