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Course Schedule Request

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Please complete one form for each course for the Fall 2021 semester.

(if creating a x559 topics course please complete the Course Creation form)
Please enter 3559 or 4559 for new courses and the proposed course title.
(3000-level must be at least 30 seats; 4000-level must be at least 20 seats)

Please do not use the same times/alternates for multiple classes. If the time is not available you will then be scheduled at the time best suited to the department schedule. There is a limit of 4 department offerings per time block, and scheduled based upon curricular needs and the order requests are submitted.

In order to complete our budget requests, we need to have a full year academic plan submitted with the budget. Please list the courses you intend to teach in Spring 2021. If you are on leave, please note what type of leave you have. You are not committed to these courses, this is for budget planning.
You only need to submit this once, not on each form for the Fall schedule.