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*Your student ID number without dashes.
If you are planning to double major, please enter your other major here.
Write a short (300-500 word) essay explaining your academic interests in media/media studies. This essay might describe what drew you to the major or a specific phenomenon or topic that you are curious about and hope to explore through the major. (NOTE: We are NOT asking you to write about your professional ambitions or for a list of classes.) Word limit: 500. Additional text will be ignored.
Briefly describe any work, internship, or creative experience that you think might be relevant to your academic pursuits. Note that media work is not required or expected for admissions to the major.

Please enter the grade you earned if you have completed this core courses. Enter "E" if currently enrolled. For ENWR, enter the course and the grade in this format ENWR 1505-B+.

Please enter any other courses you have taken that are accepted toward the major in the following fields. Please use this format: MDST 3559-News Media: C+ (Course number-name: grade). Use "E" for the grade if you are currently enrolled.
If you have additional courses, please include them here in this format: Course Number-Title: Grade; (example MDST 3559-News Media:B)
Please provide the name and email address for one faculty member (or TA) from the College who has agreed to act as your reference.

Need help calculating your Media Studies gpa? See: http://sfs.virginia.edu/SAP/GPAcalc

Applications are due on February 1, 2019 at 5:00 pm. Late applications will not be processed.