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Spring 2017 Course Offerings

Our full course offerings for Spring 2017 with descriptions can be found here.  If you see a course in another department that you would like to take with a media focus, you can have it evaluated by submitting this form to our Director of Undergraduate Programs (DUP).

Courses being offered by other departments this semester, which have been approved for acceptence toward your Media Studies major are listed below.

AAS 4109 - Civil Rights Movement and the Media
AMST 3559 - Language and New Media
AMST 3559 - Native American Popular Culture (D&I)
DRAM 4598 - VR & 360 Video Storytelling (Practice of Media)
FRTR 3584 - Topics in French Cinema  (nonUS)
GETR 3566 - Dark Passages: Film Noir and Exile (nonUS)
MESA 3559 - A Thousand and One Nights (nonUS, film)
MESA 3559 - Cinephilia & Global Modernity (nonUS, film)
PPOL 3559 - News Media