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Spring 2016 Course Offerings

Our full course offerings with descriptions can be found here.  If you see a course in another department that you would like to take with a media focus, you can have it evaluated by submitting this form to our Director of Undergraduate Programs (DUP).

In addition, the following courses offered in other departments this semester are accepted for elective credit:

AMST 3559 Hip-Hop as Technology
DRAM 3559 Video: Storytelling & Design (PoM)
FRTR 3584  Francophone African Cinema (non-US)
HIUS 3161 Viewing America, 1940 to 1980
JPTR 3559 Cinematic Images of Culture and Society (non-US)
JPTR 3620 Religion in Japanese Popular Culture (non-US)
LASE 3559 Hip-Hop as Technology
MESA 4559 "Social Media, Gender, and the Global South" (non-US; D&I)
MEST 3559 Cinema, Gender in the Middle East (non-US; D&I)
MUSI 3559 Cultural History of Recorded Music
MUSI 3050 Music and Discourse since 1900
PLAP 4180 Political Advertising and American Democracy
SOC 4010 Sociology of Music
WGS 4110 Gender Non-Conformity in Media Culture (D&I)

Friday, October 23, 2015