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Non-US Media Approved Course List

Student who declared a Media Studies Major on or after October 15, 2013 must complete at least one elective from this list. Courses with an asterisk(*) also fulfill the Diversity and Identity Requirement.

ARAB 5850 Media Arabic I
AMST 3355 Border Media*
CHTR 3850 Documentary Writing and Film in China
CHTR 5850 Chinese Documentary and Film
FREN 3584 Introduction to French Cinema (all topics)
FREN 4586 Dangerous Liaisons in Film
FREN 4743 Africa in Cinema
FRTR 2552 French Culture: African Cinema
FRTR 3584 Topics in French Cinema (all topics)
ITTR 2710 Italian Cultural History
ITTR 3107 Evolution of Media in Italy: From Unification to the Present
ITTR 3770 Culture of Italian Comedy
ITTR 3775 Acting Italian - Benigni, Goldoni, Fo
ITTR 4820 Italian Pop Culture
GETR 3500 Dark Passages: Film Noir and Exile
GETR 3559 Screening Nature: The Environment on Film
GETR 3556 Weimer Cinema
GETR 3561 the Frankfurt school and its American legacy
GETR 3562 New German Cinema
GETR 3590 Old Media, New Media
GETR 3590 Reporters at War
GETR 3610 Film under Facism
GETR 3620 World Cinema
JTTR 3559 Tokyo, Its Cinematic Landscape
KRTR 3030 Survey of Korean Cinema
KRTR 5030 Survey Korean Cinema
MDST 3107 Evolution of Media in Italy: From Unification to the Present
MDST 3110 Hollywood Goes to Asia
MDST 3120 Global Media & Cybersecurity
MDST 3201 New German Cinema
MDST 3205 New Latin American Cinema
MDST 3300 Global Media
MDST 3310 Sound and Cinema
MDST 3355 Border Media*
MDST 3420 Media and Power in Iran
MDST 3500 Comparative Histories of the Internet
MDST 3502 Topics Course: Mediterranean Cinema
MDST 3504 Special Topics in Non-U.S. Media
MDST 3610 Film Under Fascism: Ideology and Entertainment
MDST 3559 At War: Internet and Global Politics
MDST 3559 Gender and Sexuality in Fashion and Film (cross-listed GETR 3559 course will also count)
MDST 3559 New Brazilian Television
MDST 3559 Old Media, New Media (cross-listed GETR 3590 will also count)
MDST 3584 All Topics
MDST 3620 World Cinema
MDST 3630 Screening Terrorism
MDST 3706 Media in China: Technology, Policy and Commerce
MDST 4108 Media, Drugs, and Violence in Latin America*
MDST 4210 Global Environmental Media
MDST 4559 Brazilian Media
MDST 4559 Cyber War
MDST 4559 Internet Policy & Law
MDST 4559 Transnational Asian Media
MDST 4704 Political Economy of Communication
MDST 4705 Spanish Mass Media
MESA 3111 Film Festivals & Global Media Cultures
MESA 3559 A Thousand and One Nights
MESA 4559 Social Media, Gender, and the Global South*
PORT 3559 New Brazilian Television
POTR 4260 Brazilian Media
POTR 4270 The Civilization of Brazil
POTR 4559 Contemporary Brazilian Cinema
SAST 3300 The Pleasures of Bollywood: Melodram, Realism, Mythos*
SAST 3400 Pop. Cult. in S. Asia: Vis.Aesth
SPAN 4600 Literature and Cinema
SPAN 4705 Spanish Mass Media
SPAN 4715 Cuban Culture Through Cinema
WGS 4500 Gender in South Asian Cinema*