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Nicholas Rubin


229 Wilson Hall

Office Hours:

Wednesdays 5:30pm-7:00pm

Class Schedule:

MDST 2000: Introduction to Media Studies

MDST 3375: History of Music and Broadcasting in the U.S.

Nick Rubin is Visiting Lecturer in Media Studies, Music, and Sociology. He earned his Ph.D from UVA’s Critical and Comparative Studies in Music program in 2010. His dissertation, Signing On: College Radio and the Popular Music Industry 1977-1983, speaks to his research interests, which lie at the intersection of popular music, media, and ethnography. At UVa, he has taught seminars and lecture classes in History of Media; Popular Music and Media; Alternative Media; History of Rock and Roll; Introduction to Music Theory; and Sociology of Music. Nick has presented his work at numerous conferences and has published in a variety of scholarly venues.
Nick is also a DJ and Rock Director for UVA radio station WTJU. He serves on the WTJU Community Advisory Board, and is developing a multifaceted historical archive for the station. In his spare time, Nick enjoys playing tennis, hanging with friends, and performing with New Boss, a band you can visit on facebook.