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Q1. I am interested in applying to the Media Studies major. When can I do it?

You may apply in the Spring of your 2nd or 3rd year. If you are a third year transfer student, you can apply in the fall of your transfer year, as long as you are taking MDST 2000.

Q2. Are there any requirements that I have to fulfill before applying?

Yes. You can apply to the major ONLY if you have fulfilled one of the following conditions:

·         If you already took either MDST 2000 or MDST 2010 and your grade was a C+ or higher

·         If you are currently enrolled in MDST 2000

·         If you have completed two courses that can be applied towards the MDST major and you got a C+ or higher in both

·         If you have completed one course that can be applied toward the MDST major with a C+ or more AND you are enrolled in one course that can be applied toward the major

Q2.1. Besides MDST 2000 and MDST 2010, what courses can I use to apply to the major?

You can use all 3000 and above courses that start with MDST. In addition, Media Studies accepts some pre-approved courses from other departments. You can find these in the following lists. Some are in the Non-US Media Approved Course List. Some are in the Practice of Media Approved Course List (note that ONLY one course from this list can be applied toward the MDST major). Some are in the Diversity and Identity Approved Course List. And some are in the Media Concentrations list of courses.

Q3. Is there a minimum GPA to apply to the MDST major?

Yes. You have to have an average GPA of 2.000 or higher.

Q4. When is the application process?

There are TWO applications each year, one in the spring and one in the fall. The fall application is ONLY for third year transfers. The rest can only apply in the spring.

Q4.1. I am a second year student who did not transfer, when do I apply?

In the spring

Q4.2. I am a second year transfer student, when do I apply?

You can apply in either the spring of your second year if you have fulfilled the requirements specified in Q2 OR you can apply in the fall or spring of your third year

 Q4.3. I am a third year student, when do I apply?

You can only apply in the fall if you transferred to UVa. If you didn’t transfer and you are in your third year, you will apply in the spring.

Q4.4. I am a fourth year student. Can I apply to the major?

No. Fourth year students cannot apply to Media Studies

Q5. When is the spring application process?

The application is typically due at the beginning of March, but the date changes year to year. Check our website.

Q5.1. When is the fall application process?

This application, which is only for transfers, is typically due at the beginning of December, but the date changes year to year. Check our website.

Q6. What do I need to do to apply?

The application is an online form, linked from our website. It consists of a report of your overall GPA and MDST courses taken to date (and your MDST GPA), a 500-word essay, an optional statement on media experience, and the contact information (generally email) for one professor or TA who has agreed to act as your reference.  You do NOT need to obtain a letter from this person, but they must have agreed to provide a short reference upon our request.

Q7. How long does it take to know whether I was accepted to the major?

We strive to get our decisions to you as soon as possible. For Fall admissions, we typically let students know whether they are admitted in early January. For Spring admissions, we let students know whether they are admitted before advising for the Fall semester begins.

Q7.1. If I didn’t get in, can I re-apply?

Yes. The only limitation is that we don’t accept applications from fourth years.

Q8. If I am accepted into the major, do I have to fill a Major Declaration Form?

Yes. As soon as you are accepted into the major, you need to set up an appointment with your assigned advisor and together fill a Declaration Form. The form needs to be turned into the Media Studies office. Declarations appear on SIS typically one week after the declaration was submitted.

Q9. How many transfer credits can I apply toward the major?

We will accept up to two courses from another university toward the major. Courses will be evaluated by the Director of Undergraduate programs prior to acceptance toward major requirements.