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Fall 2019 College Offerings

If you see a course in another department that you would like to take with a media focus, you can have it evaluated by submitting this form to our Director of Undergraduate Programs (DUP).

Courses being offered by other departments this semester, which have been approved for acceptance toward your Media Studies major are listed below.  Please note: THESE COURSES COUNT AS AN OUTSIDE ELECTIVE.

AAS 3500 - Black Women Make Movies (D&I, Film)

ANTH 3170 - Anthropology of Media (elective)

DRAM 1020 - Public Speaking (Practice)

EDIS 3452 - Designing Games for Learning (elective)

GERT 3590 - Serial Media (nonUS)

HIEU 3604 - The Holocaust on Film (nonUS, film)

PETR 3559-1 - Iranian Cinema: Gender, Culture and Religion (nonUS, Film)

PORT 4240 - Contemporary Brazilian Cinema (nonUS, Film, does not satify the Capstone requirement)