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About Our Graduate Program

The University of Virginia’s Department of Media Studies offers a 30 credit hour Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Media, Culture, & Technology. This program provides opportunities for advanced studies in the history of media and communications technologies, exposure to a wide range of theorizations of how these technologies shape individual and collective experience in modern society, and high-level training in the research methods that allow practitioners to identify and analyze contemporary media-related issues confronting businesses, policymakers, and the public. Students will graduate with a comprehensive understanding of the historical roots of pressing questions surrounding media technologies and infrastructures, and will take with them skills that will allow them to bring a deep understanding of the field of media studies to bear on a variety of careers and social contexts.


The MA in Media, Culture, & Technology will be particularly useful for students who are looking to apply to further graduate study (i.e., Ph.D. programs in media studies and related fields), as well as students who are looking to advance within the professional fields of media policy, analysis, or production.


You can learn more in our Graduate Program Handbook.


The MA in Media, Culture, & Technology also offers an expedited admission process for current UVA undergraduates who are seeking the MA degree. Please see the How To Apply section for further details on the Master’s Promotion program.