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Diversity and Identity Approved Course List

Media Studies Majors must complete at least one elective from this list. Courses with an asterisk(*) also fulfill the Non-U.S. Requirement.

Not all courses are offered every year, or available to all majors.

AMST 3355 Border Media*
AMST 3559 Race & Cartoons (F19)
AMST 3559 Multimedia Harlem Renaissance
AMST 3630 Vietnam War in Literature and Film
AMST 4472 Hollywood Cinema's Golden Age: The 1930s
AMST 4500 Participatory Documentary and Civil Rights Movement
ASL 3400 Deafness in Literature & Film
DRAM 4592 Comedy as Protest (will not count as a 4000 level elective)
EDHS 3100 Media Socialization, Racial Stereotypes and Black Adolescent Identity
ENMC 3630 Vietnam War in Literature and Film
ENMC 4500 Social Media, Gender, and the Global South (S18)*
ENSP 4301 Global Indigenous Media
ITTR 3685 Italy on Screen: Sex, Gender and Racial Identities in the Global Context
MDST 3105 Latina/o Media Studies
MDST 3205 New Latin American Cinema*
MDST 3306 Sexuality, Gender, Class and Race in Teen Film
MDST 3384 Race and Media
MDST 3406 The Wire: Understanding Urban America Through TV at its Best
MDST 3407 Racial Borders & American Cinema
MDST 3409 LGBTQ Issues in Media (cross-listed WGS 3409 course will also count)
MDST 3505 Special Topics in Diversity and Identity in Media (all topics)
MDST 3510 Border Media (cross-listed AMST 3355 will also count)*
MDST 3559 Experimental Ethnography and Film* (F20)
MDST 3584 Mexican Cinema
MDST 3600 Women and Television
MDST 3661 Media Bodies
MDST 3662 Disability and Media
MDST 3665  Digital Media Accessibiltiy
MDST 3670 Sports, Media, and Society 
MDST 3740 Cultures of Hip-Hop
MDST 3760 #BlackTwitter and Black Digital Culture
MDST 3903 Media and Protest: The 1960s
MDST 4107 Feminism and the Public Sphere
MDST 4108 Media, Drugs, and Violence in Latin America*
MDST 4109 Civil Rights Movement and the Media
MDST 4110 Gender Non-Conformity in Media Culture (cross-listed course WGS 4110 will also count)
MDST 4200 Sex and Gender Go to the Movies (cross-listed courses WGS 4200 and SOC 4200 will also count)
MDST 4310 Celebrity Studies
MDST 4320 Celebrities of Color
MDST 4559 Memory, Media + Justice  (F19)
MDST 4559 Media Access: Policy, Technology, and Difference (S19)
MESA 3111 Film Festivals & Global Media Cultures: Middle East - South Asia Spotlight
SAST 3300 The Pleasures of Bollywood: Melodram, Realism, Mythos*
SOC 4200 Sex & Gender Go to the Movies
WGS 3210 Gender, Sport and Film
WGS 4110 Gender Non-Conformity in Media
WGS 4200 Sex & Gender Go to the Movies
WGS 4500 Gender in South Asian Cinema*