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Elliot Majerczyk


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MDST 2305: Podcasting, Radio and Sound Production

Elliot Majerczyk was Associate Producer for the Virginia Public Radio program With Good Reason. This weekly show is produced at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and airs over the NPR network in Virginia and in numerous other states.  Several With Good Reason episodes produced by Elliot have won national awards including “The Legacy of Massive Resistance” which won the Gabriel Award for Best Documentary radio show.

Elliot has a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters of Science in Audiology from McGill University. Prior to his move to the United States he worked for many years at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) as a writer-broadcaster and music critic. He has also worked as a music consultant for films at the National Film Board of Canada and, many years ago, as a club DJ.  Elliot enjoys composing and recording his own musical compositions, some of which have also been featured in a number of radio shows on the NPR network.